Microfracturing (MicroFx)

Microfracture is a technique, which was developed for the treatment of full coat cartilage damages of a small size, which reach down to the exposed bony surface (degree 4). This arthroscopically feasible surgery was described by J.R. Steadman for the first time 20 years ago and uses the endogenous possibilities of cure. 


R. Pangia  |  M. Klug  |  J.R. Steadman

With a fine micro chisel little holes are drilled into the bone. The exuding bone marrow contains blood and stem cells, which can build up a cartilage-like structure and surface on the defect via the formation of a “superclot“.

The superclot is a blood clot and contains all components (for example progenitor cells, mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), cytokines and factors of growth) that are necessary for the formation of new cartilage





The compliance with a consistent rehabilitation program is indispensable for the successful healing. The program shall care for an ideal bodily environment in order to facilitate the transformation of the stem cells into cartilage-like cell lines. Thus, an intense contact of the surgeon and the physio/sport therapist is extremely important.

Of course the rehabilitation programs differ from each other depending on the size of the defect, localisation (hollow of the knee- or kneecap joint) or accompanying surgery (replacement of a ligament, vertical adjustment of a leg).

Accordingly, I prepare an individual rehabilitation plan for every patient after the surgery.


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