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Dislocation of the kneecap (patellar luxation)

A dislocation of the kneecap out of the slide bearing of the thigh can occur at any age. Mostly though it is a problem of young girls and women, more seldom of young men. Depending on the anatomical basis the patellar luxation can happen due to an already existing false form of the kneecap and/or the slide bearing, a weakness of the muscular and ligamentary apparatus or due to an adequate force.

In any case the inner retaining strap of the kneecap tears and the luxation of the kneecap takes place, which means that it jumps off to the outside. In most cases the kneecap does not remain on the outside, but jumps spontaneously back into the slide bearing. When jumping back injuries in the area of the cartilage can appear. In x-rays one can see a clear dumping and externalisation of the kneecap. Small broken off bone fragments can be displayed as well. In an absolutely necessary MRT a cartilage damage, cartilaginous loose bodies and the localization of the site of the fissure can be diagnosed. Only then can a useful operative measure be planed.

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